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INTS Honors Program

Student outdoorsThe International Studies (INTS) Honors Program is designed to provide advanced coursework, individual mentoring, and expanded opportunities for academic research experience and superior scholarly achievement for academically distinguished INTS majors.

The INTS Honors Program guarantees talented students a continuous mentoring relationship with one of our INTS faculty members from the time of their enrollment, access to limited enrollment courses or course sections, experience as a Teaching Assistant for an INTS course, as well as, during their senior year, an honors capstone thesis under the close direction of their faculty mentor. Overall, the Program seeks to enhance the academic experience of outstanding INTS majors in a way that is particularly – but not exclusively – valuable to those who might have interest in pursuing a graduate education.

In recognition of superior achievement, students who complete the INTS Honors Program will receive the INTS Honors designation on their official transcript. Completion of INTS Honors also overlaps with many requirements for Liberal Arts (Cornerstone) Honors and University Honors for students that have interest in participating in multiple Honors programs.

Prospective students who are eligible for the INTS Honors Program will be contacted following their admission to Texas A&M with more information on how to apply to the program. For continuing students, the INTS Honors Program application should be submitted to the Honors Advisor Daniella Stratta in person or via email for consideration. INTS Honors Program applications for continuing students will be reviewed three times per year:

  • September 1st
  • January 15th
  • May 15th

For more information on how to be admitted to our Honors program and the specific requirements involved, please refer to the INTS Honors Program application and handbook linked below. For questions about INTS Honors, please reach out to our Honors Advisor Daniella Stratta or contact the Honors Coordinator Dr. Maddalena Cerrato.

INTS Honors Program Application

INTS Honors Program Handbook Fall 2020