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Ashley Passmore

Professor Ashley Passmore
Instructional Assistant Professor
Areas of Speciality
  • German
  • Jewish Studies
  • (979) 845-2124
  • ACAD 231


Ashley Passmore’s specialities are German Jewish history and culture; Migrant and minority cultures of Germany; Austrian history and culture; Modern Israel; Biology and Literature; Intercultural communications; German language pedagogy; Yiddish language and culture.

Current Research Projects

Jewish Satire in German; Jewish blogging in the US and Europe; Yiddish Vienna; Assessing German Online

Courses Taught

German 101 (online and f2f)

German 102

German 201

German 202; German 316 (Advanced Business German); German 321/322 (German Culture and Civilization); German 336 (German Fairy Tales); German 411 (German Author and Genre: Minority Cultures in Germany); German 603 (Scientific German, Graduate Course); INTS 407 (Diversity in a Globalized World).