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If you are interested in learning more about the academic study of religion, the following websites are excellent places to start:

Stepping stones across a pond with lilypads

American Academy of Religion (AAR):
The AAR is the flagship scholarly organization for the field of religious studies. Browse the website to get a sense of the kinds of things that religious studies scholars think about and do.

American Academy of Religion Southwest Region:
This is the AAR body for the Southwest region, which gathers scholars of religion across the southwest, including Texas, Louisiana, Oklahoma, Arkansas, and Kansas.

UC Davis: What Can I Do with a Religious Studies Major:
UC Davis’s Religious Studies program offers additional information about how a religious studies major can benefit you.

“We Ignore the Global Impact of Religion at our Peril”:
An editorial written by former Secretary of State John Kerry about the importance of studying religion in today’s world.

The Religious Studies Project:
An archive of podcasts related to the academic study of religion.