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LMAS Graduate Certificate

Latino/a & Mexican American Studies (LMAS) Graduate Certificate 

Graduate Students desiring to apply for the LMAS Graduate Certificate should complete the LMAS Graduate Certificate Application (see below). For further information you may contact Joshua Harms,,  or for course specific questions you may contact Dr. Nancy Plankey-Videla.

Graduate certificate in Latino/a and Mexican American Studies Application

The Graduate Certificate in Latino/a and Mexican American Studies offers all graduate students at Texas A&M University an opportunity to develop an interdisciplinary graduate concentration in Latino/a and Mexican American Studies while pursuing a degree in their area of choice. Latino/a and Mexican American Studies is an interdisciplinary field of study focused on issues concerning the Mexican Americans, Puerto Ricans, and other US Latino/as. The certificate ensures that students have developed core knowledge and appreciation for interdisciplinary scholarship in this area.

Students must take four courses, with two in the social sciences and two in the humanities. At least one course must be from the list of core courses. Students are required to earn an A, B, or S.

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