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  • Nicolle on site

    Nicolle Hirschfeld

    Working at Uluburun and earning my M.A. through NAP have been fundamental to shaping my person and career -- in terms of academic identity, knowledge, skills, and professional relationships -- and privileging me with adventures and memories and friends for a lifetime.

  • Dr Peter van Alfen

    Peter van Alfen

    Peter van Alfen is Chief Curator at the American Numismatic Society (ANS) in New York City where he oversees one of the largest collections of coins worldwide. While in the NAP he participated in shipwreck excavations at Ulu Burun, Bozburun, and Tektas Burnu, Turkey, and a survey for shipwrecks in the Red Sea. His print publications include studies of Byzantine amphoras, Linear B inscribed jars, and ancient coinage and monetary systems.