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Christopher M. Dostal

Christopher M. Dostal, headshot
Director, Conservation Research Laboratory
Director, Center for Maritime Archaeology and Conservation
Chair of ADCB
Assistant Professor
INA faculty Fellow
  • Conservation Research Laboratory
  • Anthropology 102
Worked at TAMU from
2018 - present


Chris Dostal, a former submarine sailor from the US Navy, received his BA in Anthropology from the University of Colorado in 2011, and his MA (2015) and PhD (2017) in Anthropology with a specialization in Nautical Archaeology from Texas A&M University.

Chris has participated in projects in the US, Croatia, and Portugal, and his research focuses on the documentation and conservation of waterlogged cultural heritage materials. At the Conservation Research Laboratory, his main focus has been on the 18th-century ship found below the World Trade Center in Manhattan, the 18th-century ship discovered under the modern waterfront in Alexandria, VA, and the conservation of the cannon from the Castillo de San Marco National Park in St. Augustine, FL.

Interests: Archaeological Conservation, XRF elemental analysis of artifacts, 3D modeling, laser scanning, photogrammetry, and North American ship construction


2020         Integrating digital and conventional recording techniques for the documentation and reconstruction of an 18th-Century wooden ship from Alexandria, VA. With Glenn Grieco, Peter Fix, Carolyn Kennedy, Julia Herbst, Lauren Shultz, and Ricardo Borrero. (Digital Applications in Archaeology and Cultural Heritage, Vol. 16)

2018            Photogrammetric Texture Mapping: A Method for Increasing the Fidelity of 3D Models of Cultural Heritage Materials, with Kotaro Yamafune. (Journal of Archaeological Science: Reports 18C pp. 430-436)

2017           Recording, Publishing, and Reconstructing Wooden Shipwrecks, with Castro, F, Bendig, C, Berube, M, Budsberg, N, Monteiro, A, Smith, C, Torres, R, and Yamafune, K. (Journal of Maritime Archaeology, )