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MA Applications Open for Fall 2020









Graduate Student



Edudzi Sallah

Sallah was not only the Master’s Division winner, but also the winner of the overall 3MT competition. “This honor is fulfilling and allows me to think about my future career interests,” Sallah said.

Undergraduate Student



Mason Rausch

An interview with Mason on filming "Experience Music," her LAUNCH Undergraduate Performance Scholar Capstone.

MA in Performance Studies 

The Master’s in Performance Studies at Texas A&M University is built around a multifaceted understanding of performance. Using a wide range of qualitative methods and theoretical frameworks (from dramaturgical analysis to ethnography and phenomenology), our graduate faculty has expertise in the study of religion & spirituality, theater, media & technology, popular music, state affairs, law, diplomacy, martial arts, urbanism, dance, race, ethnicity, gender, and sexuality. They have conducted research in the US, Ghana, Brazil, Japan, Trinidad, and Spain. The unique perspective each of our faculty brings is what makes our MA distinctive when compared to similar programs in the country.

BA in Performance Studies 

Our Bachelor's in Performance Studies provides a foundation in critical reflection, analysis, and creative practice from which students can launch a variety of careers. In their core Performance Studies courses, BA Students are immersed in performance theory, learn the craft of creating live theatrical and musical performance, and cultivate essential research and writing skills to be successful citizens, scholars, and artists in the 21st century.