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Part of the greater unit of the College of Liberal Arts, the Department of Performance Studies invites students to explore performance in all aspects of social life, and ask questions about the world through performance. We take an interdisciplinary approach to the study of the arts and performance with courses that focus on music theory, acting and directing, music and theater technology, cultural history, and creating and analyzing performances. We emphasize project-based learning, trans-disciplinary research, and community involvement. Our program offers a rich liberal arts experience in which students develop the skills to become critical thinkers and engaged citizens. At the graduate and undergraduate levels, we cultivate analytical, interpretive, and creative skills that prepare creative individuals for diverse careers in and beyond the arts. Students pursuing the MA in Performance Studies research traditional art forms (such as music, theater, and dance), and a broad range of cultural expressions, including rituals, festivals, religious ceremonies, games, parades, storytelling, clothing, folklore, indigenous arts, and the mass media. The MA program emphasizes the ethnographic study of vernacular culture and performance as research. The Department’s faculty bring to the programs their expertise in music composition, ethnomusicology and folklore, performance ethnography, popular music studies, religious studies, theater and media studies, and women’s studies.


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