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Minor in Film Studies

Requirements for the Minor in Film Studies:

Fifteen (15) credit hours in FILM courses, with a grade of C or higher in each course, including FILM 251, FILM 299, FILM 481 (or an equivalent course approved by the Coordinator), three (3) credit hours of FILM electives from the list entitled Courses for Credit in the Minor, and either three (3) credit hours in FILM 300-499, or HIST 460, or SPAN 410, or SPAN 414. Other courses in film which are taught in the College of Liberal Arts may be counted as well, subject to the approval of the Coordinator for Film Studies. At least nine (9) credit hours must be at the 300-400 level.

Declaring the Minor in Film Studies:

To declare the minor in film studies, you will need to schedule a General Advising appointment with Brianna Edwards, the FILM Studies Advisor, by going to https// and setting up an appointment.  When selecting a location, please use LA-Undergraduate Programs Office (COKE Building) and for appointment type, select LA-General Advising.  You can include details about your minor interest area in the comments when scheduling.


CLLA Undergraduate Advising Office

202 Coke Building

Call 979.845.5143 to set up appointment