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The Department has recently developed a new minor in Performance Studies in which your studies could highlight Music, Theatre, Performance Technology, Performance in Cultural Context, or a combination of course offerings. The requirements are:

  • PERF 101: Intro to Performance Studies
  • PERF 301: Performance in World Cultures
  • 12 hours of Performance Studies Electives*

*To be selected from MUSC, THAR, or PERF courses with at least 6 hours at 300-400 level

We also offer a minor in Performance Technology. In PerfTech courses, student works focus on what we have come to call “technology-based performance” instead of “electronic music,” etc. Technology-based performance implies that the technology plays a substantial role in the performance, more than simply standing in for acoustic musicians or hand-painted sets. Student works seek structures that apply technology in such a way that the meaning of the work would completely change or fall apart if the technology were removed.

Required courses:

  • PERF 202: Introduction to Performance Technology
  • PERF 402: Intermedia Performance

12 hours of PerfTech Electives, selected from:

  • MUSC 316: Music and Technology
  • MUSC 317: Recording and the Producer
  • MUSC 491: Research
  • PERF 318: Electronic Composition
  • PERF 483: Performance Practicum
  • PERF 491: Research
  • THAR 435: New Technology for Designers
  • THAR 445: Design as Performance
  • THAR 491: Research

PERF 491: Research courses require faculty approval prior to enrollment.
PERF 483: Performance Practicum must be approved by faculty advisor and minor advisor prior to enrollment.

To declare a minor, please schedule an appointment with our Academic Advisor, Tara Dean, at