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Transfer Students

Transfer students coming from another university or from a community college and are applying for admission to TAMU with a Performance Studies major, must meet the following requirements:

  1. Minimum of 24 completed graded hours (AP courses do NOT apply towards graded hours)
  2. Maximum 89 total hours (including F, I, W, Q)
  3. Minimum 2.75 GPR overall
  4. Completion of English 104 (ENGL 1302) with a minimum grade of C

Go to Admissions to start to the process.  Also, please visit with one of Texas A&M’s Prospective Student Centers. You may also set up a tour of the Texas A&M campus by contacting the Visitor’s Center.

Transfer Course Sheet Guidelines

  • Meeting the minimum requirements listed in the Transfer Course Sheets does NOT guarantee admission.
  • Transfer Course Sheets are meant to be used as a guide in addition to the Undergraduate Catalog and College/Department Academic Advisors.
  • Academic and coursework requirements vary by major and are subject to change each year.
  • Competitive applicants will have appropriate coursework graded/completed at time of application with the highest GPA.