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Bachelor of Arts (BA) in Performance Studies

At Texas A&M, you can do it all – you don’t have to specialize in music or theater. We offer a program that allows you flexibility to combine music, theater, and technology that will satisfy your curiosity, too.

What does performance tell us about the world around us?

Performance studies is a research discipline in which performance is at once a subject of investigation, a frame we use to see the world anew, and a unique method and medium with which to generate new answers to fundamental questions facing humankind. Through performance, our students learn to engage creatively with the world around them in an on-going process of investigation and meaning-making. In the course of their work in the Performance Studies BA, students will develop a perspective on artistic practice that crosses genres; the ability to think independently, work collaboratively, and solve problems creatively; and a commitment to the performing arts as socially engaged practice.

Our B.A. provides a foundation in critical reflection, analysis, and creative practice from which students can launch a variety of careers. In their core Performance Studies courses, B.A. Students are immersed in performance theory, learn the craft of creating live theatrical and musical performance, and cultivate essential research and writing skills to be successful citizens, scholars, and artists in the 21st century.

Drummer and clapping students
PERF BA students collaborating with So Percussion.

Four Pillars of the B.A. in Performance Studies

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