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Robert Burch

Areas of Speciality
  • (979) 847-6133
  • YMCA 428C
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Ph.D., Philosophy, Rice University, 1969


Burch works primarily on the logical theories of C. S. Peirce and Josiah Royce. His current special interest is Inductive Logic, Abductive Logic, and the computer instrumentation of these kinds of logic. His published work includes the first proof of Peirce’s Reduction Thesis and his computer programs are widely used in connection with problems in homeland security.

Research Interests

  • Logic
  • History of Logic
  • Non-Deductive Logic
  • American Philosophy

Fall 2022 Course Schedule

  • Phil 240.201 – HNR Introduction to Logic. M, W, F – 1:50-2:40 – YMCA 113
  • Phil 416.500 – Recent British-American Philosophy. M, W, F 11:30-12:20 – YMCA 113

Office Hours

MWF 4:00-5:00, by appointment