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Latin American & Latinx Philosophy

Latin American & Latinx Philosophy specializes in knowledge of the historical, social, cultural and economic processes that are shaping and transforming regions across the Américas. This specialization emphasizes these processes as they impact people of Latin-American/Latinx and African descent in the United States. This approach to the hemispheric context of the Américas provides a broader lens to understand the juxtaposition of two historically distinct fields of inquiry—Latin-American/Latinx Philosophy and Africana Philosophy—and sheds light on their resonances to provide deeper insight into each philosophical lineage.


Gregory Pappas specializes on the Latin American philosophy and Pragmatist traditions in ethics and social political philosophy, especially philosophers in the Americas that centered their thought on lived experience (“la vida”) and radical democracy. He has published widely in Latin American philosophy and American Pragmatism, including editing the book Pragmatism in the Americas (Fordham University Press, 2011), and authoring John Dewey’s Ethics: Democracy as Experience (Indiana University Press, 2008).

Omar Rivera specializes in Latin American social political philosophy, aesthetics and Indigenous philosophies, Latinx Feminism and Decolonial Theory, especially in the relation between aesthetics and anticolonial resistance. He is the author of Delimitations of Latin American Philosophy: Beyond Redemption (Indiana University Press) and Andean Aesthetics and Anticolonial Resistance (under contract with Bloomsbury Academic).