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  • Upcoming Symposium: “Hermeneutics, the Humanities, and the Future of Interpretation”

    The Philosophy Department along with the Glasscock Center, Interdisciplinary Studies, the Center of Digital Humanities Research, and the Department of Hispanic Studies are sponsoring a Symposium this semester which will be co-hosted by Dr. Kristi Sweet and Dr. Ted George. The Symposium is titled “Hermeneutics, the Humanities, and the Future of Interpretation” and will take […]

  • McDermott

    In an American Strand: John J. McDermott Memorial Celebration Symposium

    Saturday will feature a symposium on McDermott’s philosophical work, pedagogical impact, and legacy through presentations, discussions and stories of Professor McDermott. Attendance is open to all. If you wish to attend please follow the link to register. If you would like to share your stories and memories please contact Charles Carlson at Graveside Memorial Location: College Station City Cemetery 7:45am […]