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  • Colloquium: Theodore George, Texas A&M University

    Biography: Dr. Theodore George is Associate Professor and Head of the Department of Philosophy at Texas A&M University. His research and teaching focus on continental European philosophy since Kant. His areas of expertise include hermeneutics, ethical philosophy, Hegel and classical German philosophy, and the philosophy of art and aesthetics. He is the author of two […]

  • Colloquium: Adebayo Ogungbure, Texas A&M University

    Biography: Adebayo Ogungbure is a Ph.D. candidate and a Lechner scholar in the Department of Philosophy at Texas A&M University. His research interests include African, Africana/Black Philosophy, Critical Race Theory, Black Male Studies, Social Epistemology, Colonialism, Empire and Transatlantic Migration and the intersections between Philosophy and Ethnic Literatures. His research on Africana Sci-fi, “Unbounding the […]

  • Colloquium: Bob Burch, Texas A&M University

    Biography: Robert Burch is a member of the TAMU Philosophy Department. He has also taught at a number of other academic and non-academic institutions, both in the United States and elsewhere, including England and Russia. He has a wide range of interests and is a generalist in philosophy rather than a specialist in some particular […]

  • Colloquium: Dwayne Raymond, Texas A&M University

    Biography: Dr. D. Raymond has an interest in the history of logic, in particular ancient proof traditions. He is completing a book on the non-neutrality of logic. Dr. Raymond received a Ph.D. with distinction from UWO for his work on Aristotle’s modal logic. His work appears in Journal of the History and Philosophy of Logic, […]

  • Colloquium: Stephen Daniel, Texas A&M University

    Biography: Stephen H. Daniel is a Professor of Philosophy at Texas A&M University, where he has taught for 36 years. He is a Presidential Professor in Teaching Excellence, former Fasken Chair in Distinguished Teaching, two-time University-level and twotime College-level Distinguished Teacher. He has written four books and more than 60 articles, and edited three other […]

  • Colloquium: Kenny Easwaran, Texas A&M University

    Biography: Kenny Easwaran is Associate Professor of Philosophy at Texas A&M University. He specializes in formal epistemology and decision theory, as well as philosophy of mathematics. Much of his work has focused on issues that arise out of the use of infinity in probability and decision theory. In recent years, he has also worked on […]

  • Colloquium: Emily Brady, Texas A&M University with reception to follow

    BIOGRAPHY Emily Brady is Professor of Philosophy at Texas A&M, and she holds the Susanne M. and Melbern G. Glasscock Director’s Chair in the Glasscock Center for Humanities Research. Before coming to A&M, she was Professor of Environment and Philosophy at the University of Edinburgh. Her research interests range from Aesthetics, Philosophy of Art, and […]