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Undergraduate Studies


phil-undergrad-pagePhilosophy is a great major! Philosophy majors are shown to be very well-prepared for graduate and other advanced study. Philosophy majors score higher on the GMAT than anyone but hard science majors. On the GRE, Philosophy majors have the highest verbal score and second highest analytic score. Philosophy majors also excel on the LSAT.

Philosophy is not job-training for an entry-level position; it is education for a lifetime. What fits the job description of entry-level positions is rarely what is required for career and life fulfillment, especially given how rapidly the needs of employers, social and economic patterns, and personal circumstances change. Philosophical training, in its development of valuable transferable skills, is significant for its long-term benefits. It teaches skills that enable you to take on new responsibilities and to adapt to changing careers and life demands. The value of philosophy is in its capacity to broaden the range of things you can understand and enjoy.

Many A&M Philosophy majors also pursue degrees in other liberal arts, business, science, and engineering. The Department encourages and supports interdisciplinary pursuits.