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Waitlist Request

Please be aware as you register for classes that the registrar is now enforcing prerequisites for classes automatically. If you are registering for a class and your attempt to register is unsuccessful, it may be because you do not meet the prerequisites.  Feel free also to contact our Undergraduate Advisors if you have problems getting the courses that you need.

Please be aware that the waitlist is processed according to a ranking rubric between the end of New Student Conferences on August 18th and the start of the new semester. In order to keep the process equitable to all students, if I am unable to process your request because of a hold, you have registered for a class in the same time slot, or if registering you for the class will put you over the hours limit, then you forfeit your place in the line. You may give me an option in the reasons section of which conflicting course to remove, then I can process the request. Please be aware that I am unable to affect holds.