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2020 Woody Jones Award Recipients

The Woody Jones award honors excellence in research by political science undergraduates. In 1994, Woodrow Jones Jr. made history by becoming the dean of the College of liberal Arts and first African American dean at Texas A&M University.  Woody was committed to the importance of a Liberal Arts education, a commitment to diversity, and a passion for undergraduate education.

This year produced three outstanding research papers that will share the award.

The winners are:


Yanairem Moreno

“INCENTIVES TO INVEST: THE CASE OF MEXCIO” which examines the role of FDI on political violence.


Taylor Nicole Torres

“LATINX POLITICAL ENGAGEMENT AND THE EFFECTS OF EXECUTIVE LEVEL ACTION” which examines how the Latinx population mobilizes in response to executive level action on immigration.


William Black

“THE EFFECTS OF GENDER OF A JURY MEMBER ON VERDICTS AND PUNISHMENT” which examines how the sex of a jury member, as well as the sex of the offender and victim, affects the decision-making process in the sentencing phase of a crime.