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International Relations

pols-intl-smInternational Relations deals with the study of all aspects of the relations between nation-states, including political, diplomatic, military, economic, and environmental relations, among others. It also deals with the relations between non-state actors across national boundaries, and with international organizations that facilitate relations between countries. The International Relations faculty at Texas A&M have considerable expertise in several major subfields of International Relations, including International Conflict, International Political Economy, and Foreign Policy Decision-making. The predominant orientation of the International Relations faculty is to contribute to the accumulation of social scientific knowledge on international relations by using cutting-edge formal, statistical, and/or experimental methods to produce rigorous theoretical and empirical research on important substantive questions. As a consequence, students selecting International Relations as a major field must develop methodological skills sufficient to pursue rigorous mainstream theoretical and empirical research in the field.

The Program on International Conflict and Cooperation (PICC) organizes and sponsors internal and external speakers, workshops, and theme conferences. It also provides research support for faculty and graduate student members.