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Public Policy & Administration

pols-admin-smPublic Policy/Public Administration is the scientific study of the politics of institutions, structures, and organizations. The study of public policy focuses on the analysis and explanation of government and non-government responses to public problems. It seeks to explain how institutions, organizations, and the public interact with various governance structures to develop the policies that they do. It is also concerned with the evaluation and impact of these policies on citizens, governing institutions, and organized interests. Public administration is concerned with the organization, activities, and behavior of administrative agencies and officials in the conduct of government. Public administration includes the study of how bureaucracies interact with other political institutions, the political and legal context of administration, and how organization structures and governance structures affect the actions of the government. Both Public Policy and Public Administration cut across the traditional fields of American politics and comparative politics.

The public policy and public administration faculty at Texas A&M seek to train scholars for positions at research-oriented universities. As such the program stresses theory and appropriate methods for investigating major questions in the area.