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All financial support is awarded on the basis of merit rather than need, and continued funding depends on satisfactory progress in a student’s course of study. Given such progress, students pursuing a Ph.D. who have been awarded an assistantship or fellowship can normally expect financial support from the Department for four years.

Graduate assistantships are awarded to all students admitted to the Department. Graduate Assistants normally receive tuition waivers and thus only pay fees. Some graduate students also receive fee waivers. Assistants are half-time employees (20 hrs/wk) of the University and receive comprehensive health-care benefits. Continued employment depends upon academic good standing, satisfactory progress toward the degree, and satisfactory performance of duties. Each student will be reviewed annually to determine his or her eligibility for continued employment as a Graduate Assistant. Advanced graduate students who have completed all requirements for the Ph.D. except the dissertation may be hired as Assistant Lecturers to teach undergraduate courses.

A number of fellowships are also available on a competitive basis from the University. Students do not apply directly for these fellowships but are nominated by the Department. Fellowships are awarded for periods of one year or more and do not require service beyond satisfactory scholarship. Students who hope to be nominated for a fellowship must have an application on file by December 22.