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Christine S. Lipsmeyer

Lipsmeyer Headshot
Research Program Organizer for, Policy, Political Economy, and Violence
Areas of Speciality
  • Comparative Politics
  • Public Administration and Public Policy
  • (979) 845-2905
  • LASB 341
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Research Interests

  • Public policy
  • Comparative political institutions
  • Comparative political economy


Dr. Christine S. Lipsmeyer’s research is at the intersection of public policy, political economy, and political institutions. She is interested in questions abut government behavior and responsibility, as well as the relationship between governments and their supporters. At the center of her work is how political and economic contexts influence the policy behavior of governments and the policy preferences of individuals across countries and time.

Although originally Dr. Lipsmeyer focused on welfare policies cross-nationally, her current work answers questions about the political mechanisms in the broader budgetary and public policy arenas. She is currently working on a book, The Politics of Budgets: Getting a Piece of the Pie (under contract with Cambridge University Press) with Andrew Philips and Guy Whitten that explores how governments decide trade-off within the various parts of their budgets using a compositional methodological approach. In addition, she is interested in the dynamics of parliamentary systems and coalition governance. Her work focuses on when and how partners in a government coalition use various strategies to achieve their public policy goals. By examining the various strategic options and institutional contexts of governments, this research explores the complexities of governing across both public policy and institutional contexts.

Much of Dr. Lipsmeyer’s research relies on time-series, cross-national methods and has appeared in journals such as the American Journal of Political ScienceThe Journal of Politics, the British Journal of Political ScienceElectoral Studies, the Journal of European Public Policy, as well as others.

Courses Taught

Undergraduate courses

  • POLS 206 – American National Government

Graduate courses

  • POLS 623/642 – Comparative Welfare Policy
  • POLS 646 – Public Policy Theory

Representative Publications

Lipsmeyer, Christine S. 2011. “Booms and Busts: How Parliamentary Governments and Economic Context Influence Welfare Policy.” International Studies Quarterly, 55: 959-980. [Replication Data]

Lipsmeyer, Christine S. and Heather N. Pierce. “The Eyes that Bind: Junior Ministers as Oversight Mechanisms in Coalition Governments.” The Journal of Politics, 73: 1152-1164. [Replication Data] [Supplemental Information]

Lipsmeyer, Christine S. and Ling Zhu. 2011. “Immigration, Globalization, and Unemployment Benefits in Developed EU States.” American Journal of Political Science, 55: 647-664. [Replication Data] [Supplemental Information]

Lipsmeyer, Christine S. 2009. “Postcommunist Mandates.” Politics and Policy 37(4): 715-734.

Gill, David and Christine S. Lipsmeyer. 2005. “Soft Money and Hard Choices: Why Political Parties Would Legislate Against Soft Money Donations.” Public Choice 123(3-4): 411-438.

Lipsmeyer, Christine S. 2003. “Welfare and the Discriminating Public: Explaining Entitlement Attitudes in Post-Communist Europe.” Policy Studies Journal 31(4): 545-564.

Lipsmeyer, Christine S. and Timothy Nordstrom. 2003. “East vs. West: Comparing Political Attitudes and Welfare Preferences Across European Societies.” Journal of European Public Policy 10(3): 339-364.

Lipsmeyer, Christine S. 2002. “Parties and Policy: Evaluating Political Party Influences on Welfare Policy Spending During the Post-Communist Transition.” British Journal of Political Science 32(4): 641-661.

Evans, Geoffrey and Christine S. Lipsmeyer. 2001. “The Democratic Experience in Divided Societies: The Baltic States in Comparative Perspective.” Journal of Baltic Studies 32(4): 379-400.

Bahry, Donna and Christine S. Lipsmeyer. 2001. “Economic Adversity and Public Mobilization in Russia.” Electoral Studies 20(3): 371-398.

Lipsmeyer, Christine S. 2000. “Reading Between the Welfare Lines: Politics and Policy Structure in Post-Communist Europe.” Europe-Asia Studies 52(7): 1191-1211.