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Hyeran Jo

Associate Professor
Areas of Speciality
  • International Relations
  • Methods
  • (979) 845-3038
  • LASB 357
Professional Links

Research Interests

International Institutions, International Law, International Political Economy


Hyeran Jo studies international institutions, international law, and international political economy. Her research deals with the working of international organizations, the design of international rules and agreements, and the question of compliance with international law by non-state actors. She teaches courses in international relations and research design.

Courses Taught

Undergraduate courses

  • POLS 209: Introduction to Political Science Research
  • POLS 306: Contemporary Political Problems and Issues
  • POLS 331: Introduction to World Politics

Graduate courses

  • POLS 606: Advanced Research Methods for Political Scientists
  • POLS 630: International Politics

Representative Publications

Mitch, Radtke and Jo, Hyeran. 2018. “Fighting the Hydra: United Nations Sanctions and Rebel Groups” Journal of Peace Research. 55(6): 759-773.

Jo, Hyeran and Beth Simmons. 2016. “Can the International Criminal Court Deter Atrocity?” International Organization. 40(3):443-475.

Jo, Hyeran. 2015. Compliant Rebels: Rebel Groups and International Law in World Politics. Cambridge University Press.

Jo, Hyeran and Catarina Thomson. 2014. “Legitimacy and Compliance with International Law: Access to Detainees in Civil Conflicts, 1991-2006” British Journal of Political Science. 44(2): 323-355.