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Michael Werner

Academic Advisor II
  • (979) 845-3127
  • LASB 104

Advising Philosophy Statement

Focus: Each student who works with me will understand that my goal and energy is directed at helping them overcome obstacles that they encounter as a student. Whether it is academic or outside the classroom, I am here to help your university experience be a positive one of growth and discovery.

Empathy: Having had my own share of struggles at times as a student, I can understand many of the issues students face. Being a father and step-father of grown children who were college students, I can understand even more. I will do my best to put myself in your shoes to help you find a clear path that meets your needs as a student, and a person.

Growth: Advising is not only for solving problems, but also for finding opportunities. I will communicate opportunities to students for their personal, professional and academic growth as I see them, and encourage those who come to me to try new experiences, so that they get the most out of their time at A&M.

Honesty: Whether good news or bad, the students who come to me will get honest, goal-oriented answers. I am here to help solve problems, and we will seek solutions to issues that arise together, with the goal of doing what is best for the whole person. Sometimes those solutions might not be what a student wants to hear, but part of growth is dealing with bad news, and I am here to help with that.

Curiosity: I will encourage those who come to see me to seek out new experiences from which to grow as a student, a professional, and a person. To get the most of out their time at A&M they should take a few risks, step out of their comfort zone, meet new people and see new things. You never know where those experiences will lead you!