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Rachel Nemets

Academic Advisor II
  • (979) 845-3127
  • LASB 106


Prior to her current position as an academic advisor at Texas A&M University, Rachel earned a Bachelor of Science in Animal Science from The Ohio State University in 2014 and a Master of Education degree in Student Affairs in Higher Education from Texas State University in 2017.

As a new professional in the field of academic advising, Rachel enjoys learning more about the profession as an active member of the National Academic Advising Association (NACADA), the Texas Academic Advising Network (TEXAAN), and Texas A&M’s University Advisors & Counselors organization (UAC). Through these networks, Rachel presents at local, state, and national conferences and also enjoys listening to fellow advisors present new topics and ideas. Rachel’s research interests include student and professional mental health and coping, transfer students, and higher education peer mentor programming.

Out of her day-to-day duties as an academic advisor, Rachel holds a very special passion toward animals, especially golden retrievers. She has a golden of her own, Paisley, along with three cats, Jackson, PJ, and George. In her free time, you can find Rachel watching Bob’s Burgers marathons or floating down a river in her Kayak.

Advice for Students

Step outside of your comfort zone. College offers so many fun and exciting opportunities to take advantage of that may not be available to students after college. Trying something new may develop everlasting friendships and a sense of purpose in a student’s life. You’ll never know until you try!

Advising Philosophy Statement

Throughout the past few years as an academic advisor, I have learned so much about myself that has helped guide my day-to-day practice working with students. Academic advising is much more than guiding students through their academic plans. It is understanding the journey students are on and providing sincere support to help them navigate where they are meant to thrive.

The following are key points I value as an academic advisor:

Develop Purpose

College is one of the most influential opportunities for students to learn more about themselves. I strive to steer students on a journey that helps them discover their true passions in college and beyond by challenging them to step outside of their comfort zones. Incredible discoveries can be found when trying something new. Challenging students to explore and take advantage of all the amazing opportunities college has to offer is a powerful mechanism that guides my practice as an academic advisor.

Mentorship is the Key to Success

For most students, college can be a very overwhelming time in their lives. College offers so many opportunities both academically and outside of the classroom that it can be overwhelming for students to successfully navigate and utilize resources on their own. The discovery of a student’s passions and self-identity is not meant to be worked through alone. One of the aspects I love most about being an academic advisor is my ability to lend a helping hand during students’ paths of discovering who they are by guiding them to the right resources.

Embrace Diversity

Students from all over the world fill up college classrooms across the globe for the common interest of furthering their education. Interactions with students from all different backgrounds is an aspect of my profession I have learned to love and embrace. Each and every student I meet with brings a unique story of their own to tell and I value the stories they do tell because they represent students’ individuality and sense of self.

Understanding Transitions

Transitions throughout college can oftentimes be very challenging. As an advisor, I understand there are many different types of transitions and that students in transition need both academic and personal support (Schlossberg, 1989). Through my practice, I make it a priority for transitioning students to know they are wanted and cherished by their peers, faculty, and staff and that a variety of resources are offered to help them feel at home in college.

Choose Happiness

Overall, college is a very exciting time in a student’s life. It is a time for new independence and an opportunity for growth to help establish a student’s sense of self identity. Being able to discover who they are and what they are passionate about is one of the most powerful lessons students can learn throughout college. That sense of confidence will then shine through and guide students on a path where they are meant to thrive. Choose happiness because happiness leads to success.

Representative Publications

Kaufman Baumann, Emily and Nemets, Rachel. 2018. Fanning the Flame vs. Burning Out: How to sustain empathy and passion throughout your career as an advisor [concurrent session]. Texas Academic Advising Network (TEXAAN) Annual Conference, Houston, TX.

Nemets, Rachel and Garry, Margaret. 2017. The Struggle is Real: How to survive and thrive in times of professional stress [concurrent session]. National Academic Advising Association (NACADA) Annual Conference, St. Louis, MO.