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Scott Cook

Director of Graduate Studies
Associate Professor
Areas of Speciality
  • International Relations
  • Comparative Politics
  • Methods
  • (979) 845-3747
  • LASB 327
Professional Links
Personal Website

Research Interests

  • Political Methodology
  • Spacial Econometrics
  • Conflict Processes
  • International Political Economy


Prof. Cook studies political methodology and international relations, in particular how endogeneity complicates our ability to understand important international phenomena. His current research uses spatial econometric methods to examine how global interdependence shapes the spread of civil wars and economic crises. Additional work explores a variety of the econometric challenges raised in modelling conflict processes.

Courses Taught

Graduate courses:

  • POLS 606 – Spatial Exonometrics
  • POLS 633 – Civil Conflict

Undergraduate courses:

  • POLS 209 – Introduction to Political Science Research
  • POLS 309 – Polimetrics

Representative Publications