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Asian Data – The China Survey 2008

The China Survey 2008 is a unique, inter-disciplinary, nationwide survey of Chinese citizens covering a broad range of issues of interest to policy makers and scholars in China and worldwide. Consisting of 80-minute face-to-face interviews of 3989 Chinese citizens, the survey was successfully completed in April through June of 2008, and included items of special interest to the disciplines of Political Science, Sociology, Economics, and Communication.

The questionnaire included standard social science items representing the various disciplines involved, items selected from submissions by interested scholars outside of the core team, and a battery of items on a special topic (Political Communication).

The survey was implemented by the Research Center for Contemporary China (Peking University), under contract to Texas A&M University.

The China Survey 2008 data set – including codebooks and data – was intended and is currently available as a public use data set.  The data set is currently accessible through the OAKtrust digital repository of the Texas A&M University Libraries. Use this link to access the codebook, sampling information, and data set.

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