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  • Teodoro’s Research Cited in New York Times

    In a recent article on the struggle to meet rules on safe drinking water, the New York Times referenced the research Manny Teodoro and co-author David Switzer have done regarding possible strategies for improving water quality in rural areas. Read the referenced article. Manny Teodoro is an Associate Professor of political science at Texas A&M University […]

  • Vacano

    NBC News Publishes Article on Trump and Latin American Politics by Faculty Member

    The Washington Post has published an article on President Trump as the U.S.’s first Latin American president. Diego von Vacano, Associate Professor of Political Science at Texas A&M University, is cited with the article. You can read the entire article on the Washington Post website.

  • Political Science Professor Referenced On Upcoming Election

    Professor Diego von Vacano Camara was recently interviewed by NBC News on the possibility of Texas becoming a swing state in the upcoming election. Read the referenced article by NBC News.

  • Diego von Vacano Named Editor

    Prof. Diego von Vacano has been named Editor of the Oxford University Press book series “Studies in Comparative Political Theory.” The series will publish books by political scientists on non-Western political thought, with special emphasis on Latin American, Islamic, and East Asian traditions.