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    Rapid Relief: Responding to COVID-19 water crisis

      This is the second guest feature by Manny Teodoro, professor in the Department of Political Science, originally posted here. Read the first part of his analysis on how to keep water flowing during the COVID-19 crisis here.  The ink is barely dry on the $2 trillion coronavirus response law, but there are rumblings that a another relief bill will […]

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    Rapid relief: Water availability in COVID-19 crisis

    Photo by CDC on Unsplash Guest feature by Manny Teodoro, professor in the Department of Political Science. Originally posted here.  The COVID-19 crisis has escalated America’s water and sewer affordability challenge into a full-blown health emergency. Many low-income households struggle to pay for these essential services in the best of times, and the specter of shutoffs for […]

  • Teodoro’s Research Cited in New York Times

    In a recent article on the struggle to meet rules on safe drinking water, the New York Times referenced the research Manny Teodoro and co-author David Switzer have done regarding possible strategies for improving water quality in rural areas. Read the referenced article. Manny Teodoro is an Associate Professor of political science at Texas A&M University […]

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    Can Applying Baseball Metrics to Presidents Predict Success?

    “Presidents, Baseball, and Wins Above Expectations: What Can Sabermetrics Tell Us about Presidential Success? Why Ronald Reagan is like Bobby Cox and Lyndon Johnson is like Joe Torre” is the title of the cover article for the 50th-anniversary edition of “PS”, the magazine of the American Political Science Association. Written by Texas A&M University Associate […]