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An undergraduate degree in political science can prepare you for a wide array of careers in which top candidates are expected to have broad knowledge of their society, its government, how policy is made, or how nations or different peoples interact. A degree in political science can give you the opportunity to develop analytical skill, and both written and spoken communication skills, and it can be productively combined with internships, work, or study abroad to create an impressive resume by the time a student graduates from Texas A&M. This combination of skills, anchored by a political science degree, can prepare you for diverse careers, including business, law, academia, government service, political campaigns, non-profit and interest group work.

The New York Times recently published articles on how the skills you acquire as a political science major are in high demand in today’s job market:


NY Times – on data management                       NY Times – on statistics


Additionally, we have produced two Career Guides which may be of interest:

POLS Business Career Guide                          POLS Legal Career Guide

A source for information about pursuing the field of politics and related careers is available at the Political Science Career website.