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Honors & Thesis Program

High achieving students in both the Political Science Bachelor of Science (BS) and Bachelor of Art (BA) degree tracks are encouraged to take advantage of honors opportunities in our department and the University at large.

Participation in departmental honors provides students with a number of benefits, including:  

  • Expanded course options, including smaller class sizes and innovative learning approaches
  • Enhanced engagement with faculty through directed or capstone research opportunities
  • Interaction with honors faculty, who will be essential for students needing letters of recommendation or help with applications for graduate, professional, or law school
  • Early registration privileges

To receive departmental honors recognition at graduation, entering students must complete 18 hours of honors coursework as described below:

  • Exactly 6 hours of 400-level directed research or capstone research with honors credit (481, 485, 491, 497) (no more than 6 will count towards departmental honors).
  • 9 hours of additional departmental honors courses (can include lower-division honors courses, honors contract courses).
    • No more than 6 of these credit hours may consist of Political Science graduate courses (600 level) taken for graduate credit.
  • 3 additional hours of honors credit outside the department.
  • At graduation, a student must have a cumulative Texas A&M GPR of at least 3.5 and cumulative Honors GPR of at least 3.25.


For more information, see here: Additional Departmental Honors Information

Outside of the department, political science undergraduates are encouraged to explore options in the College, including the Cornerstone Honors Program and through the University LAUNCH office 

Students completing directed research and capstone courses can also consider producing a written honors thesis, which can be done in conjunction with the Undergraduate Research Scholars Program.  Completion of this thesis is highly recommended for students considering graduate studies in political science, public administration, or other related areas.


Interested in the Thesis Program? Here’s information on Planning Your Political Science Thesis

During the 2019-2020 academic year, 12 undergraduates in political science completed a URS thesis.  For the most recent list of URS projects from our department visit OakTrust.

Some of our past URS and honors students are now in successful graduate programs or academic careers at places such as Yale University, Arizona State University, American University, and Texas A&M University.

If you are interested in honors or discussing faculty advising options for a senior thesis, contact the Political Science Undergraduate Advising Office at (979) 845-3127 or Dr. Brittany Perry at