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Danube Summer Institute

  • danube summer instituteDanube Summer Institute XIV (2019) – TAMU Faculty-led Summer Study Abroad Program Berlin (Germany), Poznan (Poland), Vienna (Austria), Budapest (Hungary), Prague (Czech Republic).
  • In collaboration with the Centre International de Formation Europeéne (CIFE), one of the five Jean Monnet Centers of Higher Learning within the EU (created in 1954) offering advanced university degrees in the field of the study of European Union political affairs and chartered by the European Union (
  • Dates: July 5 – August 5, 2019  (SSII 2019)
  • An intense cross-cultural program studying political, legal, economic, historical and cultural issues dealing with the governance system of the European Union through multi-national and multi-cultural platform of organized and systematic learning in the field
  • An annual program since 2006, with 200 Aggie program alumni
  • Designed for students who have aspirations to go into public service, law or international affairs, and/or who fundamentally wish to be inspired from and informed about global political and governance issues as a means to deepening and expanding their own understanding of the political world and who wish to enrich their skills of critical thinking and analysis
  • Among the program benefits are an expanded range of knowledge and familiarity with public affairs and governance outside the United States, inter-cultural communication, and a first-hand appreciation of globalism’s challenges to democracy
  • Language: English
  • Up-to 9-hours credit (including optional core curriculum humanities requirement; 3 hrs POLS485 in Spring 2018 (days/times TBA); 6 hrs POLS 306 in Summer II 2019
  • Two-week program in Berlin, with subsequent shorter venues offering important regional insights on politics, culture, law and the economy from academics, journalists and national and European policy makers in Poznan (Poland), Vienna, and Prague.
  • Safe and professional-standard (4 star hotels) in convenient and centrally situated locations
  • Each venue offers students extensive contact with European experts on and policy makers (approximately 35 – 40 such experts/policy makers throughout the program) within the different national governments of the countries visited and the European Union
  • Financial Assistance available, including approximately 10 $1,000 awards issued on a rolling basis upon enrollment in program. Open to any major.
  • Open to any major
  • Enrollment for 2019 begins approximately mid-September 2018
  • 2018 estimated gross program price $7950 (excluding airfare, TAMU tuition, and personal expenses). These figures are preliminary and not yet finalized, and are based on a program with minimum approximately 20 students, with an exchange rate of 1.35 ($:€).