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Study Abroad

The department of Political Science encourages all Political Science students to broaden their understanding of global politics and societal norms. Developing cultural awareness internationally is always a desired background for any POLS student. The three summer programs the Political Science department participates in require no foreign language knowledge and permits students to learn international communication skills and marketable experience.

The Study Abroad office offers a complete list of literally hundreds of choices from exchange students, to faculty-led programs, to reciprocal exchanges (REEP), to research, intern, and volunteer opportunities. In the Department of Political Science, we participate in three of those programs:


Essex University Program

essexThis 3+1 collaborative program between Texas A&M and the University of Essex is a study abroad program for Political Science students at Texas A&M University. Students participating in the program will maintain their enrollment at Texas A&M University during the contracted part of their educational program abroad. Students register as Master students at the University of Essex and then transfer credits back to Texas A&M University.

Students undertake a course of study at Essex that will complete the bachelor degree requirements of Political Science at Texas A&M University and the coursework (module) portion of the master’s degree at the University of Essex. The courses offered at the University of Essex will be taught by Essex faculty and have been pre-approved for transfer credit to Texas A&M University.

Upon successful completion of the direct enrollment study abroad academic program, students then have the option of extending their stay at the University of Essex to complete a thesis towards a MA/MSc Degree in Political Science awarded by the University of Essex.

We are very much looking forward to having this academic linkage with Texas A&M. The undergraduates at Texas A&M are particularly attractive to us because of the excellent training that they receive in modern research methods. We expect students who have taken such courses to thrive in our masters programs.

 -Dr. Thomas J.  Scotto, Professor of Government, Director of Education, Associate Dean of the Graduate School, University of Essex.

How to Apply

All applicants must plan to have completed three years towards their Political Science degree at Texas A&M before enrolling at Essex and have an Overall GPR of a 3.0 or higher. Applicants should have successfully passed POLS 209. Successful completion of POLS 309 is recommended but not required. The application process includes a formal application for the program, two letters of reference, and a statement of purpose, which will include an applicant’s area of research.

Students will also submit a separate application for admission to the University of Essex. Each application will be considered on an individual basis and must meet the admissions criteria from the University of Essex. As part of the standard admissions criteria for the University of Essex, each applicant from Texas A&M shall provide written evidence of attainment of their academic qualifications and achievement in an English language test recognized by the University of Essex.

Any student interested in applying for the program should consult with an undergraduate advisor in the Department of Political Science before applying to ensure that they will meet all program requirements by the end of their Junior year.