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    Rising Stars

    Rising Stars

    Congratulations to Dr. Annmarie MacNamara and Dr. Brian Anderson who were selected to receive the 2019 APS Rising Stars award.  The Rising Stars award is presented to outstanding Association for Psychological Science Members in the earliest stages of their research career.  To recognize researchers whose innovative work has already advanced the field and signals great […]

    Dr. Emily Davidson Passed Away After Almost 40 Years Service to The Department

    The Department of Psychological & Brain Sciences is very sad to announce the passing of long-time faculty member, Dr. Emily Davidson on Thursday, June 7th.  Dr. Davidson came to Texas A&M in 1980.  She received her Ph.D. in Clinical and Developmental Psychology from The State University of New York at Stony Brook in 1975. Dr. […]


  • Increase Your Chances of Getting Into Grad School

    Graduate school is a destination for many people in undergrad, so competition is high. Preparation to apply for grad school should start as soon as your second year in college. The greatest recommendation I have is to utilize the career center – the website goes over this deeply, and there is also advising for graduate […]

  • Deciding On A Career

    Psychology is a great field to study because of the wide range of opportunities that come along with it. There are endless possibilities when deciding on a career in psychology, ranging from human services to education. Having many options is great, but it can also be very overwhelming. Today, I will be discussing ways to […]

  • Why Minor in Psychology

    With all of the different minors available here at Texas A&M University, psychology is often dismissed as an “easy” minor that will be ultimately worthless. Obviously, as a psychology minor myself, I believe differently. Psychology is a highly marketable minor, and through this blog I will discuss how I plan to apply my psychology minor […]