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    How Travel Awards Benefit Our Students

    The post below is shared by senior psychology major Paris Bean ’20 describing a conference she attended with support through the Honors Travel Fund. Attending the National Neurotrauma Society annual conference was an amazing experience. I went into the conference thinking I was fairly knowledgeable in the field of neurotrauma, having been a part of […]

    Steve Maren

    Psychological & Brain Sciences and PTSD Research

    Dr. Steve Maren and his researchers discuss their research on PTSD that they have been working on in The Emotions & Memory Lab.  Read full story

    Psychologists Find Smiling Really Can Make People Happier

    Researchers at Texas A&M and the University of Tennessee examined almost 50 years of data and found that changing your facial expression can alter the emotions you feel.   Smiling really can make people feel happier, according to a paper for Psychological Bulletin. The paper, coauthored by researcher Heather Lench at Texas A&M University and […]


  • Industrial/Organizational Psychology

      According to the American Psychological Association (APA), industrial-organizational psychology (I/O psychology) is the study of human behavior in organizations and the workplace. I/O psychologists focus on principles of group and organizational behavior and problem solving to help individuals on the job work better.   I/O psychologists may focus on increasing employee productivity, develop assessment […]