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Why Minor in Psychology

With all of the different minors available here at Texas A&M University, psychology is often dismissed as an “easy” minor that will be ultimately worthless. Obviously, as a psychology minor myself, I believe differently. Psychology is a highly marketable minor, and through this blog I will discuss how I plan to apply my psychology minor after graduation.


According to employment agency “Employment North,” recruiters from companies are searching for people that know how to work in a team, solve problems, and adapt easily. These are exactly the skills that are taught in psychology courses. As an examination of the behavior of others and the reasoning behind it, the study of psychology equips the student for a variety of situations, but especially those of a work environment. Going a step further, psychology classes also teach the student how to change behavior and create healthy environments. Through learning about the behavior of others, and then working in groups and examining behavior within groups, courses enable students to gain confidence working with others. For these reasons, psychology can supplement any major or career aspiration as it develops the ability to think both creatively and critically.


Through the psychology classes I have personally taken, I have not only learned about the practice of psychology but also valuable lessons impacting the way I think and interact with others. Learning about the human brain and why people have the tendencies that they do is incredibly helpful. The classes that are available here are applicable to daily life because the course objectives focus on concepts that are not only relevant to the current field of psychology, but to daily life. For example, I have taken many of the concepts I learned through a personality course and applied them to my daily life - being able to recognize differences in people’s personalities and adapt to meet their needs has been very helpful. Being able to take the concepts that are taught in classes and actually apply them in my real life is something that I feel most disciplines cannot say about their classes.



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