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New MSIOP Program Seeks Second Cohort of Students to Start Fall 2019

Back row: Antonio Gonzalez, Rang Yan
Third row: Mary Morales, Chih-Chih Lai, Marcus Lys
Second row: Joungmin Hong, Nilesh Tiwari, Gustavo Sanchez-Collado, Gina Muegge
Front row: Meagan Elmer, Morgan Johnson, Alejandra Manzanares, Magesty Ismyana

In the fall of 2018, the Department of Psychological and Brain Sciences launched a new Master’s program in Industrial-Organizational Psychology (MSIOP). I-O psychology is the scientific study of human behavior at work and the application of that science to workplace challenges facing individuals, teams, and organizations. The department has maintained a strong PhD program in I-O psychology for over 20 years and saw a need and opportunity to prepare students at the master’s level for applied positions in industry and consulting, as well. The 33-credit hour, non-thesis, 16-month cohort-based program offers a balanced scientist-practitioner curriculum with a required industry-based summer internship.

The first cohort of students (pictured above) has completed their first of three semesters of coursework and will be seeking internship opportunities this summer. The department hired Olabisi Atoba (PhD from Texas A&M University ’17) to be the Director of the program and is currently seeking an Instructional Assistant Professor to support the program.

Applications for fall 2019 admission to the program are due March 1st. Details about the program can be found here.