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What is Time Blocking?

Time blocking is the practice of planning out every moment of your day in advance and dedicating specific time “blocks” for certain tasks and responsibilities. Many students find themselves not having enough time to complete all their tasks, leaving them stressed or overwhelmed. By using the time blocking practice, you are able to make your work an actual priority. However, we all get distracted right? Time blocking helps you work without any distractions, giving you dedicated work time on one specific task. The block of time can even be considered luxurious, such as watching a movie, ice cream with a friend, or going for a walk. Lastly, to successfully time block, it is important to pick an appropriate time block that is reasonable for each task. Are you thinking about trying time blocking?

Start with these steps below:

  1. Determine your most and least productive times of the day

This is different for each person. Start by determining if you would be able to work better in the morning, afternoon, or night. This will help!

  1. Schedule it and stick to it

It is important to hold yourself accountable. You can effectively keep track of the schedule you create using a planner, or online calendar system.

  1. Put the most important tasks in your 60-minute slot

Those tasks that are a MUST should be carefully planned out. Once you set your 60-minute slots, it will be easier to set your other time slots, with less important tasks.


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