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  • The Grad Perspective

    The Grad Perspective  This week I asked two inspiring women in the  Industrial-Organizational Psychology Graduate program at Texas A&M about their experiences in the program and what they have learned about Graduate School in General. Their responses are below.   Pamela Gonzalez Vargas What encouraged you to pursue further schooling and ultimately apply for graduate […]

  • Shadowing A Graduate Class

    Shadowing A Graduate Class By Tami Akerele Last week I had the great opportunity to shadow a Statistics graduate class, a required class under Texas A&M’s Industrial Organizational Psychology Masters Program. As an undergraduate student, I was curious to see how graduate classes differed from undergraduate classes. Having taken only one Statistics class during my […]

  • Getting Involved as a Psychology Major

    Getting Involved as a Psychology Major.   For psychology majors, getting involved is an important aspect of getting your degree. It is important to gain experience and look for opportunities where you can apply what you have learned in class to real life. There are many different ways to get involved as a Psychology Major. […]

  • How to Counteract Covid-19 Confusion

    How to Counteract COVID-19 Confusion By Tami Akerele Although the mandatory COVID-19 testing is over there is still much confusion surrounding the guidelines and procedures of attending university during a global pandemic. Here is a short explanation of the University Guidelines concerning COVID- 19 procedures If you suspect that you have any symptoms of COVID-19 […]

  • Study Tips For The Upcoming Exam Season

    Study Tips For The Upcoming Exam Season By Tami Akerele As the first wave exam season commences, stress and the general feeling of being overwhelmed, often lead to bad habits like procrastination and late-night cramming sessions. Settling into the semester often comes with other commitments, like organizations, events, and any attempts at a social life. […]

  • Wellness Tips for Psychology Students

    Wellness Tips for Psychology Students  By Tami Akerele   In a field where our passions, study, work, and volunteering are centered on helping and improving others’ mental well-being, it is important for us to take time to take care of ourselves. As Psychology students, we know the importance of prioritizing wellness in all facets of […]

  • Psychology Student 2020 Survival Guide 

    With the dawn of the COVID-19 pandemic and government shelter-in-place rulings, all Texas A&M students have been transitioned to an online version of their classes. Many of us are back at home with family, socially isolating ourselves in our rooms and other personal work spaces. Some of us are continuing to work while also juggling […]

  • Tips on How to Choose a Subfield of Psychology

    As many of us know, psychology integrates a vast domain of scientific inquiry. The American Psychological Association recognizes a total of 90 subfields of psychology. With all of these choices at hand, it can be overwhelming to decide which subfield one should choose to enter. Here are 5 tips on how to choose a subfield […]

  • Subfields of Psychology

    Psychology is the study of the mind and behavior in both human and animal subjects. It is multifaceted, with a broad range of subfields. Those who study psychology can pursue a variety of occupations and programs. One also receives extensive knowledge in the use of the scientific method, as well as how it is applied […]