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  • Wellness Tips for Psychology Students

    Wellness Tips for Psychology Students  By Tami Akerele   In a field where our passions, study, work, and volunteering are centered on helping and improving others’ mental well-being, it is important for us to take time to take care of ourselves. As Psychology students, we know the importance of prioritizing wellness in all facets of […]

  • Psychology Student 2020 Survival Guide 

    With the dawn of the COVID-19 pandemic and government shelter-in-place rulings, all Texas A&M students have been transitioned to an online version of their classes. Many of us are back at home with family, socially isolating ourselves in our rooms and other personal work spaces. Some of us are continuing to work while also juggling […]

  • Tips on How to Choose a Subfield of Psychology

    As many of us know, psychology integrates a vast domain of scientific inquiry. The American Psychological Association recognizes a total of 90 subfields of psychology. With all of these choices at hand, it can be overwhelming to decide which subfield one should choose to enter. Here are 5 tips on how to choose a subfield […]

  • Subfields of Psychology

    Psychology is the study of the mind and behavior in both human and animal subjects. It is multifaceted, with a broad range of subfields. Those who study psychology can pursue a variety of occupations and programs. One also receives extensive knowledge in the use of the scientific method, as well as how it is applied […]

  • Media Outreach Podcast

    The Psychological and Brain Sciences Department’s media outreach team recently conducted an interview with Dr. Idia Thurston, a clinical psychologist and professor here at Texas A&M. Dr Thurston’s research focuses specifically on health disparities in diverse populations. The interview can be found on the department’s YouTube Channel, TAMU Psychology, along with other interviews featuring several […]

  • Neuroscience Psychology

    Neuroscience psychology is a quickly developing field that looks at the structure and function of the human brain and nervous system. Neuroscience research focuses on cellular and molecular biology, anatomy and physiology, human behavior and cognition, and other disciplines, to tool out information about how the brain works at levels previously unrecognized. In terms of […]

  • Psychology Careers with a Bachelor’s in Psychology

    Psychology careers span a wide variety of fields including education, criminal justice, human resources, business, and mental health, to name a few. A psychology degree is one of the most versatile and provides students with a variety of skills to hone while searching for a career. Below you can find a brief list with short […]

  • Healthy Relationships

    As college students, we come across so many different people. We are involved in organizations that cause us to interact with people. Overtime, we find ourselves establishing relationships as well. Some relationships last over a longer period of time than others. However, it is important to evaluate the relationships we find ourselves in. While it […]

  • Psychology Graduate Programs at Texas A&M

    The Psychological and Brain Sciences department at Texas A&M University provides numerous opportunities for graduate education, including five doctoral degree programs and one terminal master’s degree program. One can pursue a doctoral degree in Behavioral and Cellular Neuroscience, Clinical Psychology, Cognition and Cognitive Neuroscience, Industrial/Organizational Psychology, or Social and Personality Psychology. Students completing the Clinical […]