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Coursework and Requirements

The curriculum for the Master’s program will vary to meet demands of the current job market, employers, and students. The courses below are examples of courses that will be offered as part of the program.

PSYC 607 Experimental Psychology
Experimental methods; developing a general frame of reference for approaching experimental research problems.
PSYC 610 Organizational Psychology
Current literature and research in employee motivation, satisfaction, leadership, communication, group conflict and other group processes.
PSYC 611 Personnel Psychology
Application of psychological principles and research methods to the areas of selection, placement, job analysis, performance appraisal and training.
PSYC 614 Practicum in Psychology
Practical on-the-job experience for graduate students. Activities will be guided by psychologists in the following areas: behavior modification, social, clinical, experimental and industrial. Supervision will be provided by members of University staff.
PSYC 671/NRSC 671 Experimental Design for Behavioral Scientists
Intensive practical study of designs of special interest to behavioral scientists; repeated measures designs.
PSYC 680 Seminar in Organizational Psychology
Areas of organizational psychology: job stress, socialization processes, motivation, leadership, person perception in organizations, conflict management. May be repeated up to five times for credit; content will vary by semester.
PSYC 681 Industrial/Organizational Psychology
Both research and applied colloquia provided by I/O psychologists and individuals in related disciplines.
PSYC 682 Seminar in Personnel Selection and Placement
Personnel selection and placement including job analysis and evaluation, psychological testing, test development, psychometric theory, theories of test fairness, validity generalization, utility theory, performance appraisal and selection/placement decision models. May be repeated up to five times for credit; content will vary by semester.
PSYC 689 Special Topics in…(specified by semester and instructor)
Selected topics in an identified area of psychology. May be repeated for credit.