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Master’s Program Requirements

The Office of Graduate and Professional Studies (OGAPS) requires a minimum of 32 hours for a master’s degree (M.S.). This is a 33-credit hour program designed to be completed in 16-months, and a maximum of 2 years, with some variation across students depending on whether they plan to pursue an academic or industry career. This is a non-thesis degree, meaning that students do not complete a thesis as part of their degree requirements. A thesis is not an option.

We expect students to be involved in their coursework and internship preparation, and to actively participate in their professional development. Students are encouraged to build relationships with local and national corporations as part of their graduate training.

Proficiency in methodology and statistics is foundational to graduate study in psychology, and students will complete multiple courses on psychological methods and statistical analyses.

MSIOP Handbook

Graduate Student Internship and Job Market Training

Students have an opportunity to participate in an individualized job market training program. The Program Director works closely with individual students to prepare job application materials, practice Skype and phone interviews, and interviews for various audiences. The Director works closely with students to prepare and refine application materials and prepare for interviews.

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