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Adrienne Carter-Sowell

Adrienne Carter-Sowell
Associate Professor
Areas of Speciality
  • Industrial/Organizational
  • Social & Personality Psychology
  • Diversity Science
  • (979) 845-0378
  • Psychology 271
Professional Links
Office Hours
Spring 2020 Tuesday 11:30am-12:30pm and by appt.
Associate Professor

Research Interests

My research interests primarily involve group processes and social influence. Specifically, I work on topics related to ostracism-being ignored and excluded-and how it affects the psychological, cognitive, and behavioral responses of individuals and groups across three temporal reaction stages (immediate, delayed, and long-term). Some immediate interests include:

  • Distinctions among ostracized targets, including individual differences, grouped individuals, and individuals who belong to stigmatized or marginalized groups
  • Links between perceived “out of the loop” experiences in the workplace and the recruitment, retention, and promotion of women and racial minorities in science, technology, engineering, and math (STEM) fields
  • Measurement and effects of chronic/prolonged ostracism experiences, specifically responses across the three temporal reaction stages (immediate, delayed, and long-term)

Recent Publications

Miner, K. N., Walker, J., Jean, V., Carter-Sowell, A. R., Bergman, M. E., Chalupa, S., & Kaunas, C. (2018). From “her” problem to “our” problem: Using an individual lens vs. a social-structural lens to understand gender inequity in STEM. Industrial and Organizational Psychology, 11, 267-280.