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Allegra Midgette

Visiting Assistant Professor and ACES Fellow
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Research Interests

Dr. Midgette’s research investigates the origins and social processes that support individuals in developing an understanding of justice and learning how to care for others in an inequitable and unjust world. Her work addresses two key questions: How do we come to care about each other and about justice within the family? How do we become just in the face of inequality?

To investigate these questions, Dr. Midgette employs a mixed methodology that places the experiential reality of children and their families at the forefront. The long-term goal of her work is to characterize how cultural, societal, and family practices influence individual moral development, with the ultimate aim of supporting the creation of interventions that contribute to individuals’ development into more caring and just individuals.

Recent Publications

Midgette, A., & D’Andrea, D.(2021). American heterosexual emerging adults’ reasoning about the fairness of household labor. Cognitive Development, 59, 101052.

Midgette, A., & Mulvey, K.L. (2021). Unpacking young adults’ experiences of race- and gender-based microaggressions. Journal of Social and Personal Relationships. 38(4) 1350-1370.

Liu, J., & Midgette, A. (2020). Chinese youth’s reported social and moral transgressions and strategies for self-correction. Journal of Adolescent Research. First Published Online.

Midgette, A. (2020). Chinese and South Korean families’ conceptualizations of a fair household labor distribution. Journal of Marriage and Family, 82(4), 1358-1377.

Midgette, A. (2020). Chinese and South Korean children’s moral reasoning regarding the fairness of a gendered household labor distribution. Developmental Psychology, 56(1), 91–102.