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Anjelica Mendoza

Areas of Speciality
  • Industrial/Organizational
Faculty Advisor
Stephanie Payne

Research Interests

I am most broadly interested in studying the individual differences between people and how they can predict behavior and job performance.  More specifically my main research interests are how those individual differences influence motivation, performance, productivity and other aspects of performance management.

Recent Publications

Payne, S. C., Mendoza, A. M., & Horner, M. T. (forthcoming). Electronic performance management: Does altering the process improve the outcome? In D. L. Stone & J. H. Dulebohn (Eds.), Human Resource Management Theory and Research on eHRM (pp. XX –XX). Charlotte, NC: Information Age.

Motowidlo, S. J., Ghosh, K., Mendoza, A. M., Buchanan, A. E., & Lerma, M. N. (2016). A context-independent situational judgment test to measure prosocial implicit trait policy. Human Performance, in press.