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Bo Zhang

Assistant Professor
Areas of Speciality
  • Industrial/Organizational
  • (979) 845-3069
  • PSYC 211
Professional Links
Office Hours
Office hours for Fal 2021 Tuesday 12:00pm-1:30pm
Accepting Students
No for 2022-2023

Research Interests

Personnel selection (e.g., personality faking, forced-choice, predictive validity of hierarchical constructs)

Personality (e.g., relationships of Big 5 with stress, health outcomes, and CWB)

Research methods (e.g., IRT, SEM, bifactor models, multilevel models, longitudinal analysis, meta-analysis)

Recent Publications


  • Graduate student authors by the time of writing are underscored.
  • Equal contribution is indicated by “#”.

Zhang, B., Cao, M., Tay, L., Luo, J., & Drasgow, F. (2020). Examining the item response process to personality measures in high-stakes situations: Issues of measurement validity and predictive validity. Personnel Psychology, 73(2), 305-332.

Zhang, B., Sun, T., Drasgow, F., Chernyshenko, O.S., Nye, C., Stark, S., & White, L.A (2020). Though forced, still valid: Psychometric equivalence of forced choice and single statement measures. Organizational Research Methods, 22(3), 569-590. 

Sun, T., Zhang, B., Cao, M., & Drasgow, F. (2021). Faking detection improved: Adopting a Likert item response process tree model. Organizational Research Methods.  Advanced online publication.

Li, M., Sun, T., & Zhang, B. (2021). autoFC: An R package for automatic item pairing in forced-choice test construction. Applied Psychological Measurement. Advanced online publication.

Zhang, B., Luo, J., Sun, T., Cao, M., & Drasgow, F. (2021). Small but nontrivial: A comparison of six strategies to handle cross-loadings in bifactor predictive models. Multivariate Behavior Research. Advanced online publication.

Zhang, B., Sun, T., Cao, M., & Drasgow, F. (2021). Using bifactor models to examine the predictive validity of hierarchical constructs: Pros, cons, and solutions. Organizational Research Methods, 24(3), 530-571.

Tu, N#., Zhang, B#., Angrave, L.C., Sun, T. (2021). bmggum: An R package for Bayesian estimation of Multidimensional Generalized Graded Unfolding Model with covariates. Applied Psychological Measurement. Advanced online publication.

Luo, J., Zhang, B., Estabrook, R., Schalet, B.D., Graham, E.K., Driver, C.C., Turiano, N.A., Spirio III, A., & Mroczek, D.K. (2021). Personality and health: Disentangling their between-person and within-person relationship in three longitudinal studies. Journal of Personality and Social Psychology. Advanced online publication.

Luo, J., Zhang, B., Willrith, E.C., Mroczek, D.K., & Roberts, B.W. (2021). The roles of general and domain-specific perceived stress in healthy aging. Journal of Gerontology, Series B: Psychological Science. Advanced online publication.

Zhang, B., Li, Y., Li, J., Luo, J., Ye, Y., Yin, L., Chen, Z., Soto, C.J, & John, O.P. (2021). The Big Five Inventory-2 in China: A comprehensive psychometric evaluation in four diverse samples. Assessment. Advanced online publication.