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Bruce Keller

Bruce Keller
2020 Graduate

Position and Employer

Research Coordinator at the Behavioral Health & Performance lab at Johnson Space Center

What MSIOP program experiences have been very valuable to you in your career?

I didn’t graduate long ago, but so far working with R. Older researchers seem to be better versed in statistical software like SPSS. R is capable of much more complex analysis, it being open source allows for the use of the most recently developed statistics, and finally the ability to create interactive websites and apps in R is something SPSS won’t be able to do any time soon. Employers seem to value R highly as it has been emphasized greatly during interviews and has frequently led to special assignments.

What is your take on the perceived financial value of the MSIOP program?

I worked for a few years between my bachelor’s and starting my master’s degree. I got a fantastic job thanks to the good preparation of the program and its strong network. Even paying out of state tuition, the program will have paid for itself in two years.

What advice would you give to students?

The program faculty are fully committed to help you reach your goals but they will provide mostly opportunities, guidance, and resources. It is still primarily the student that must take the initiative and put in the effort to meet their goals.