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Gerianne Alexander

Gerianne Alexander
Associate Vice President For Research & RIO
Areas of Speciality
  • Clinical
  • (979) 845-2567
  • PSYC 206
Professional Links
Office Hours, Spring 2024
Accepting Students for 2024-2025?

Research Interests

  • Development of human sex differences in social and cognitive behavior
  • Hormonal influences on typical and atypical behavior across the lifespan
  • Reproductive endocrinology and behavior

Recent Publications

Hammond, T, Watson, K., Brumbelow, K. et al. (2020) A survey to measuring the effects of forced transition to 100% online learning on community sharing, feelings of social isolation, equity, reslieince and learning. (Technology Report).

Alexander, G. M., Allen, R. E., Bowen, W. P, Cetto, A. M. et al. (2020). The sounds of science – a symphony for many instruments and voices. Physica Scripta in press.