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Idia Thurston

Idia Thurston
Associate Professor
Areas of Speciality
  • Clinical
  • Diversity Science
  • (979) 845-3794
  • Psychology 256
Professional Links
Office Hours
Office hours for Fall 2021 are Tuesday 11:00am-12:00pm by zoom and by appointment on zoom.
Accepting Students
Yes for 2022-2023

Research Interests

My research explores causes of health inequity among adolescents, young adults, and parents by examining how and why BIPOC (Black, Indigenous, People of Color) and other minoritized individuals experience a greater health and disease burden. Framed by an academic womanist lens, my research explores multilevel individual, relational, and contextual risk and protective factors that contribute to varying health outcomes among minoritized and underserved populations. I am deeply invested in the development of a diverse workforce of psychologists via the CHANGE* lab, where I support graduate and undergraduate scholars to engage in health equity science, social justice advocacy, and cultural humility practices.  Our lab strives to combat health inequity by engaging with communities to develop strength-based, culturally-responsive tools, programs, and interventions to enhance well-being, reduce stigma, and promote self-empowerment. We prioritize research that explores intersectional identities of race, ethnicity, gender, class, age, and sexuality.

*Challenging Health inequity in Adolescents and Nurturing Global Empowerment

Recent Publications

Valrie, C., Thurston, I. B., & Santos, M. (2020). Co-guest editor. Introduction to the Special Issue: Addressing Health Disparities in Pediatric Psychology. Journal of Pediatric Psychology, 45 (8), 833-838.

Kamody, R. C., Thurston, I. B., & Burton, E. T. (2020). Acceptance-based skill acquisition and cognitive reappraisal in a culturally responsive treatment for binge eating in adolescence. Eating Disorders, 28, 184-201.

Decker, K. M., Thurston, I. B., Howell, K. H., Hasselle, A. J., & Kamody, R. C. (2020). Associations between profiles of maternal strengths and positive parenting practices among mothers experiencing adversity. Parenting: Science and Practice.

Hipp, T. N., Gore, K. R., Toumayan, A. C., Anderson, M. B., & Thurston, I. B. (2019). From Conversion toward Affirmation: Psychology, civil rights, and experiences of gender-diverse communities in Memphis. American Psychologist, 74, 882-897.

Maclin-Akinyemi, C., Thurston, I. B., Howell, K. H., Jamison, L. E., & Anderson, M. B. (2019). The Protective Role of Ethnic Identity and Community Cohesion on Substance Use among Black Women Experiencing Adversity. Journal of Ethnicity in Substance Abuse, 1-16.

Thurston, I. B., Howell, K.H., Kamody, R.C., Maclin-Akinyemi, C., & Mandell, J. (2018). Resilience as a Moderator between Syndemics and Depression in Mothers Living with HIV. AIDS Care, 30, 1257-1264.

Decker, K. M., Thurston, I. B., & Kamody, R. C. (2018). The Mediating Role of Internalized Weight Stigma on Weight Perception and Depression among Emerging Adults: Exploring Moderation by Weight and Race. Body Image, 27, 202-210.