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Mary Lee Morales

Mary Lee Morales
2019 Graduate

Position and Employer

People Analytics Analyst at Hewlett Packard Enterprise (HPE)

What MSIOP program experiences have been very valuable to you in your career?

My internship and the consulting projects that were organized with local businesses are two of the major MSIOP program experiences that have been invaluable to my career. These applied experiences allowed me to apply and retain the knowledge that I gained through the MSIOP program and to obtain work-related experiences that would make me a strong candidate for the job roles that I would soon be applying for. In addition, these experiences have allowed me to build my internal network at HPE and to cross-collaborate on projects that are unrelated to my current role, thereby building my work experiences.

What is your take on the perceived financial value of the MSIOP program?

The MSIOP program has been well worth my investment. As an early I/O practitioner, it gave me the edge in job applications as a result of my applied experiences during the program and it helped me have a foundation on which to build my professional credibility. The MSIOP program also provided me, and continues to provide, access to working opportunities that would not be open to me otherwise.

What advice would you give to students?

My advice would be to start networking early. Leverage your role as a student to build your network with I/O practitioners using informational interviews. You’ll find that many practitioners are inclined to share their knowledge when the individual requesting the interview is a student and the conversation is framed as purely informational. After all, they were once students too.