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Mindy Bergman

Department Head, APA & SIOP Fellow
Areas of Speciality
  • Industrial/Organizational
  • Diversity Science
  • (979) 845-0377
  • PSYC 232A
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Research Interests

My research interests fall into two major categories: (1) occupational health psychology and (2) organizational commitment. Within occupational health psychology, I investigate the effects of organizational climate on workplace behaviors and individual well-being. Two major themes encompassed by this general research program are: (a) diversity and (b) safety. Regarding diversity, my research examines why people from underrepresented, minority, or lower power demographic groups are mistreated more often than the majority. This research has also influenced my service to the university, with a focus on diversity and inclusion in general and within undergraduate programs in particular. Within the safety domain, my research (in collaboration with Stephanie Payne) focuses on factors that influence safety climate and how safety climate has both leading (i.e., predictor) and lagging (i.e., criterion) relationships with unsafe workplace events.

My research on organizational commitment, or the motivated bond that regulates the maintenance of the relationship between workers and employing organizations, focuses on individual differences and the nature of normative commitment. I am particularly interested in the development of commitment. Most of my published papers on organizational commitment have been theoretical or critical rather than empirical.

Recent Publications

Bergman, M.E. (2019). Ending harassment is more about changing power structures than about training. Industrial-Organizational Psychology: Perspectives on Science and Practice, 12, 42-47.
Bergman, M.E., & Payne, S.C. (2018). Interdisciplinary collaborations facilitate safety climate research. Journal of Loss Prevention in the Process Industries, 56, 204-208.
Xu, X., Payne, S.C., & Bergman, M.E. (2018). The measurement equivalence of a safety climate measure across five faultlines. Accident Analysis and Prevention, 121, 321-334.
Miner, K.N., Walker, J.M., Jean, V.A., Bergman, M.E., & Kaunas, C. (2018). From “her” problem to “our” problem: Using an individual lens vs. a social-structural lens to understand gender inequity in STEM. Industrial and Organizational Psychology: Perspectives on Science and Practice, 11, 267-290. doi:10.1017/iop.2018.7
Bergman, M.E. (2018). Police shootings and race in the United States: Why the perpetrator predation perspective is essential to I-O psychology’s role in ending this crisis. Industrial and Organizational Psychology: Perspectives on Science and Practice, 11, 151-157.

Affiliated Research Cluster

Diversity Science. Stigma; organizational climate; well-being.